Should We Lock Down?

Should we lock down and clean up?

It’s Easter Friday – the start of a long bank holiday weekend and usually the crowds would be flocking to our coastal or country resorts. The resounding message at the moment – is DON’T.

We are right there with you. The government says ‘stay at home’, and we strongly agree, but we wonder whether this message is too abrupt, too untoward? After all in a month, may be three, whenever the government feels it’s safe to travel – where will we want the tourists to flock? Those that had their two week family annual vacation, their forest adventure, their cruise, their escapes cancelled – we’ll be begging them to come and visit us.

So, let’s start thinking about the message we really want to send. The message needs to be ‘we’re getting ready for you’. ‘Our beaches are cleaner and the countryside more lush than before.’ Great messages and ones we must portray, but how do we get this across to potential visitors?

Well, let’s start with you. After all, you’ve taken the time to read this blog. What contribution have you made today to ensure that the space around you is more welcoming? We mentioned in our last blog that you could spend time sprucing up your venue or business. But beyond this, visitors want more than just clean accommodation. They want a clean village, town, city.

So, let’s spend some time this long weekend, and the days and weeks ahead, thinking about this and clearing up after people that just can’t seem to clear up after themselves (as disappointing as this may be!). Pick up those bits you see on your daily walk / run and put them in the bin. Plant the flowers you love or clear out the overgrown bedding plants. Make your county, the best, most beautiful and cleanest place to be.

Don’t forget to share what you’re doing! Post your pics on social with the hashtag #cantwaitowelcomeyou and tag us – Simplysig20 so we can shout about what you’re doing.

Let’s get ready – let’s do this!

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