Nicki Hughes | Contemporary Artist | Case Study

Streamlining Digital Marketing

For years Nicki had been juggling several websites and various brands that she owned.  She had 4 websites, three distinct business brands and two separate newsletters plus a blog to create for – and that wasn’t even including her social media channels which she does herself.

After some discussion, we finally ascertained that there was really only one brand and an awful lot of time being spread around unnecessarily.  The brand was Nicki Hughes – she was the brand.

Merging the Businesses

The logo was organic – her initials with a clean sans serif font seemed the best choice. The challenge was trying to merge her Art, Art Workshops, Holistic Therapy Practice and Blog all under one banner. 

We did it… and it really worked! Now Nicki can focus all of her attention on one website, one newsletter – one business.  And her audience has told her how much they love the change as well.