How to Create Your Brand or Rebrand

How to Create Your Brand

Branding is paramount, which makes it laughable when you look at Sig’s branding journey. At its core, a good brand should be able to sum up who you are, what you do and what you stand for – all at once. But in order to achieve this ideal, you must have a clear vision from the beginning which can be tough.

Sig’s branding journey is a prime example of what not to do. We didn’t follow our own rules or the advice we give to others regularly!

We had a concept, but no name. We started by looking at what we wanted to offer. And the one word that stood out was ‘expression’. We wanted to help people express what their business was about, what it did and what it could offer to their customers. But ‘Expression’ felt too fluffy.

Lorrie was born in Korea, and the translation of expression into Korean was pronounced ‘sig’. A name we both became very attached to. Sig also means victory – so we were sold… or so we thought.

But feedback from business friends highlighted that ‘Sig’ didn’t mean anything (without a constant explanation) and wouldn’t tell people what we do. We sensed they were right. So further brainstorming ensued.

We had a brief deviation to ‘Mean girls’ (as in – nobody spreads a rumour like a mean girl), but every time we thought we’d agreed on a new name, the following day we’d revert back to go old Sig. Apart from anything else, I thought it could stand for Sarah Is Great!

It wasn’t until I was talking to a colleague who said, ‘I love acronyms – See it Grow’, that the deal was finally sealed – thank you Paul Warburton.

After all, our mission is to help people express themselves through their marketing efforts, and ultimately grow their business, social following, engagement, market share and revenues.

It only took us 5 domain purchases and a lot of prevaricating, but we finally had a name. Then came the fun bit – creating the logo and everything else. A mad rush to get online meant we cut corners (a lot), but that’s for another ‘what not to do’ blog.

You can get the right result, the first time, with our five steps to brand or rebrand your business successfully.


Write down:

  • what you do,

  • how you do it,

  • who you do it for

  • and what makes you different.

Don’t just think about it – take the time to write this out or type it up. It will be useful later – when you go off course (which will happen). And it will help when you are discussing your sales & marketing objectives with your team or an external company.


If you’d like a simple template to get you started, download our branding worksheet below.



Mood boards are a great way to visualise
Create a mood board (digital or physical) with a collection of images, colour swatches, goals, ethos and quotes that you believe represent your business. A mood board is a great way to organise your thoughts and see how colours, images and concepts work together visually before you hire a designer. It will also make it much easier to explain what you want.








After you’ve done steps 1 & 2, if you don’t already have a name – it’s time to start thinking about one.

Will your name be personal, literal or completely made up? You’ll need to look at many factors when choosing a name but the most important are:

  • What you feel comfortable with and best reflects your business.

  • Who your customers are and what they could relate to.


You’ve got your ‘who what & how’, your mood board and a clever name chosen – now you can look for a designer.

Get recommendations from people you trust, and always ask for examples of their work. Most good designers can ‘design anything’ but they also have a preferred style. Meet with them – either in person or via video conference. You should feel comfortable with your designer. They are being trusted with your brand not only at inception but possibly going forward. Having a good personality/ethos fit makes the process much more fruitful and enjoyable.


Make sure your new brand is consistent across every possible customer touchpoint – from your social media accounts to your website to your emails and everywhere in between. You’ve invested a lot of time and effort into creating the perfect brand. Make sure everyone sees and experiences it exactly the way you do.

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