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Are you investing a lot of time and money on your SEO strategy but aren’t sure if you’re getting the results you need? Do you want to be found on page one Google search results? 

You need information and advice that you can TRUST. But the information you get is often provided by the company you hire to do your SEO work or is far too complicated to obtain.

We have a simple solution… a monthly report filled with SEO, PPC and competitor insights delivered straight to your inbox – and for a limited time, your first report is FREE.

SEO & PPC Reports

Getting found online has never been more important. Over 80% of all buyers search for products and services online using Google, social media or YouTube. But how can you be sure that your website is turning up when they search? Is your current search engine optimisation or pay-per-click strategy really working? Are you targeting keywords that will give you the highest return for your investment, and do you know what keywords your competitors are using?

You need unbiased actionable insights, delivered monthly, to help you stay ahead of your competition and to keep your company profitable.

Keep in the know to grow

Our reports are designed to give you the whole picture – the unbiased truth about your current SEO or PPC strategy. We know it works because it’s the same reporting that we’ve used for years to help our own clients. 

We understand that many companies cannot afford to hire a digital marketing agency to manage their SEO or Google Ad account. Today, more than ever, businesses are doing more of these tasks in-house. But it is a steep learning curve for many who are already strapped for cash and running on reduced staff.

Our reports can help – whether you work with a digital marketing agency or not.

If you work with an agency or have a dedicated team, the report can give you valuable insight into what you are achieving, highlight any areas you might need to adjust and give you a more focused direction.

And, if you are venturing into SEO for the first time, the report puts all of the important data in one place. So you don’t have to waste time or spend hours researching keywords. It will help you on your journey to becoming an SEO savvy entrepreneur.

We have years of experience helping businesses just like yours achieve page one Google results. And we’re offering you the tools of the trade. So you can benefit from the same actionable insights that help other companies win at search engine optimisation.

PLUS… we’ll give you a FREE SEO Q&A to help you better understand your report and to get the most from it.  

Even if you have absolutely no experience with search engine optimisation or are an absolute beginner, we can help you to:

  1. Better understand what all of the jargon means
  2. And how YOU, not your developer or some digital agency, have the ultimate control over your online success.


You have nothing to lose and rankings to gain by trying our custom reports!

Simply Sig are brilliant at website design, website management, social media promotions and making your business visible. 
– Dominic Chapman, Chef Proprietor The Beehive White Waltham

Simply Sig’s expertise in marketing strategy and delivering results are second to none.
– Jon Peilow, Managing Director JRP Accountancy


SEO Report

Search Engine Optimisation
£ 14
  • Get advice for your domain
  • Fine-tune and filter your keywords
  • Benchmark against your competitors
  • Track link building progress
  • First report FREE

PPC Report

£ 14
  • Best keywords to bid on right now
  • Advice based on successful competitors
  • Recommendations for missing keywords
  • Suggestions to boost your ROI
  • First report FREE

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